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Summer Conferences

Blair Costelloe attended two conferences this summer, where she presented our tracking and posture estimation tools. In early August she gave a talk at the Animal Behavior Society annual meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Slides from the talk, entitled “Collective detection in ungulate groups: novel tools for field studies of collective behavior,” will be available online soon.

In mid-August, Blair was in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the biennial meeting of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology where she presented a poster titled “Collective detection in free-ranging African ungulates: generating dynamic behavioral datasets with drones and computer vision”. You can view the poster on Researchgate.

Blair presenting her poster at ISBE. Photo by Matt Grobis

Blair presenting her poster at ISBE. Photo by Matt Grobis

Both the talk and the poster were well-received, and Blair got to speak with a number of other researchers interested in using drones and computer vision in their own projects. We are now putting these tools to work to explore the dynamics of collective behavior in African ungulates!